Our Story

Dave Holaday and Jeff Saunders have been friends and colleagues for over 25 years.  Dave’s background and experience as a financial analyst combined with Jeff’s background and experience as a lawyer and CPA creates a combined skill set that has enabled us to develop creative and effective solutions to complex financial and tax challenges. In 2016 Dave’s research led him to a tax planning strategy uniquely suited to the sale of agricultural property.   After thorough due diligence, we felt the idea was so effective that it deserved special attention.  So, we formed Farm Exit Solutions, Inc. to present the idea in the context of other alternatives to sellers of agricultural property who want to reduce taxes and increase tax-free cash proceeds at closing.

David W. Holaday, ChFC, CAP®

Dave has over 30 years of experience as a financial consultant. He is the founder and Managing Member of Farm Exit Solutions, Inc., a highly specialized company that offers tax and liquidity strategies to sellers of farms and agricultural businesses. He is also owner of Wealth Design Consultants, LLC which provides advanced planning support services to lawyers, financial advisors and accountants. He has a national reputation for developing unique and comprehensive solutions for complex family situations and often collaborates with the client’s existing tax, legal, insurance, and investment advisors.

Jeff Saunders, JD, CPA

Jeff is a partner with Adinamis & Saunders and has been practicing law for 28 years.  He specializes in income tax, business, estate, and charitable planning.  Jeff brings a collaborative approach to solving complex business problems.   He is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Civil Mediator.  Jeff was admitted in 1992 to Indiana US District Court and in 1993 to Norther & Southern District of Indiana, US Tax Court.  He graduated J.D. magna cum laude in 1992 from Indiana University Law School and B.S. magna cum laude, 1986 from Ball State University.

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