Our Process

Harnessing the Power of Collaboration

We have developed a process that facilitates collaboration between sellers, their professional advisors, financial institutions, legal experts, and tax specialists.  Our simple three-step process is designed to help you choose one or more strategies that can achieve the outcomes most important to you.


We begin by discussing the details of your upcoming transaction such as sale value, adjusted cost basis, exact legal title of property, other owner/sellers.  You should also be prepared to describe how you expect to use the sales proceeds.  Based on your feedback, we will suggest  strategies that appear to meet your goals.  Together, we will discuss how they could work and what benefits you could expect.

Purpose: Mutually determine if we are a good fit.  Does it seem likely that our services and solutions can add value in consideration of your circumstances and goals?

Cost: Complimentary


We will select two or three strategies we think would provide benefits most consistent with the outcomes you seek.  Your accountant and/or lawyer should be involved in this process.  We will prepare a written Feasibility Study to describe the mechanics, costs, benefits, pros and cons of each strategy.  We will meet with you and your advisors virtually to present our analysis and answer your questions.

Purpose: Provide information that will give you confidence to make an informed choice for you and your loved ones and to assist your advisors to give you sound advice.

Cost: Depends on the complexity of the situation and number of strategies but typical fees are in the $1,000 to $2,500 range.



You may use the information we provide in the Feasibility Study and implement one or more strategies with anyone you choose.  If you and your advisors feel that we can be of service in the implementation process, you may elect to engage us to help.

Purpose: Help you to obtain legal documents, transfer property and attend to important details of proper execution.

Cost: Based on the actual work we do.  Legal fees are charged by an appropriately licensed law firm. The total may be in the $0 to $10,000 range depending on the circumstances.  This is typically a small fraction of the tax savings.



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To learn more, contact us to have a conversation about your circumstances and discuss how we may be able help improve the financial results of an upcoming transaction.